Glad to be home

Posted on: August 1, 2014



I am heading back to my blog Lakenmoon, and boy am I happy to be there!


Instead of a virtual workspace, Lakenmoon is my home, and I would love to have you over!

bandana beach

Posted on: July 11, 2014

how to wear a bandana

I grew up in Milan, and as most of you know, the city is smack in the middle of the Po valley. It is only around 150 km away from the coast. but as a kid it felt like I lived in the middle of a very vast desert. Every summer, when we took the car to travel south along the coast, I couldn’t wait for that first sight. For that intense blue of the Mediterranean. As a kid, it just took forever to get there. And I was never as happy as when we were at sea, me, my mom and dad and our motorboat.

Now I live a little farther away, but time sped up, at getting there, to the coast I already frequented as a kid, is a piece of cake.  I don’t know what I prefer, the long journeys I took as a kid, full of bored longing with the big surprise at the end. Or the speedy trips I take now. Maybe a combination of the two, speed and wonder, all tied together.

how to wear a bandana

A scarf it is just a very Italian thing to wear in summer. See here some other favorites of mine.

how to wear a bandana

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how to wear a bandana

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how to wear a bandana



I am wearing a vintage Piberty scarf, here some cool options:

Adidas Stan Smith & friends

Posted on: July 9, 2014

Adidas Stan Smith

Let’s hope it is not going to rain a lot, because this fall the white sneaker and especially the Adidas Stan Smith will be everywhere. It seems you cannot have a Fall editorial without at least one Stan Smith photo. Katie Holmes in Glamour was the latest this week. These days you can be sure that if French Vogue or British Vogue is doing a shoot with an un-fashion-y shoe, months later everybody will be wearing it.  I love them, for me there is something very French about a white tennis shoe, I have always worn tennis shoes with flare jeans. But if you don’t you may have Phoebe Philo and Normcore to thank.

Last year Saint Laurent already did his version, seen on Andreaa Diaconu below, and now Isabel Marant has a version, that is hitting the stores very soon.

Here in France the Stan Smiths  are easily available. But it is not so easy to get your hands on one of them online. For sizes 7 and up, find it at Adidas stores here. You can customize yours here,  If you have big feet there are some pairs still here. LuisaviaRoma they have an awesome pair with a gold rose toe coming in, I love this a cream colored pair. And let’s hope Netasporter will carry more pairs.

Will you be wearing them?

adidas stan smith

adidas stan smith

adidas stan smith

adidas stan smith

adidas stan smith

adidas stan smith versus saint laurent

adidas stan smith

the Isabel Marant version

adidas stan smith

The five shopping tips you need

Posted on: July 4, 2014

how to shop at sales, find great sales

A big wave of sales will hit your inbox today. It is so seductive to just jump in. But it can also be very tiring to find that steal. What to do so you don’t get dragged along, but come out the other side with the clothes that you want, need, desire?

I, myself, drive myself crazy while shopping online. I have no problem in shops, but online with the endless choices and the inability to touch an item, it will sometimes make me so obsessed, that I end up buying nothing and regretting the time looking for something.

Maybe for you shopping is always a release, an enjoyment,  a great way to pass the time. But if sometimes it feel stressful for you, as it sometimes does for me, what to do to make it easy and fun? Here are my five rules for shopping a sale.

1. Get rid of body hangups.

Yesterday I was talking to my friend who lost a lot of weight this year. She said that she would love to wear shorts, but they were just not for her. She went shopping, but not being able to buy what she desired, made it strangely like doing laundry or grocery shopping. Not so much fun.

The sales can give you the opportunity to experiment. To dare a little. Of course she could wear shorts. And you can wear what you secretly long for. You just have to adjust a bit, a more conservative color, a great fit, a slightly longer hem. But in any case, go for it.

She hadn’t adjusted to the weight loss yet. Identity is fluid, that is why it is good to experiment. Nothing is fixed, if you wear something that just isn’t right, there is always tomorrow. Normally when shopping, experimentation can become costly. But sticking to the same old, same old, can feel restricting. So try out new things during the sales.

2. Use your Pinterest board for inspiration not imitation.  Listen, we are all addicted, but look at your boards as just an indication, that can spur your own creativity. Don’t follow blindly what you pin, it will drive you crazy. Shopping should be an intuitive thing. But we all have been there, when we become obsessed with an image, somebody’s style, an It item. And it is great if you have your sale alerts on, and you are the first there to snag it up. But if you have a life, no just kidding… Keep an open mind, let your fantasy inspire you, but try to not to be too literal. Fashion is freedom.

3. Remember all the clothes that you wore and loved.

Make a list, a mental note. What was it about them? The feel, the fit, the color? When you did put them on, did you feel more confident? Did you like who you where that day? Forget the trends for a moment, go find something similar. Not something that is exactly the same, just an updated version. When you do, buy multiples.

4. Shop alone.

Already if you are buying clothes and think in any way to other people reaction, you are on the wrong track. People will give the most compliments when they feel comfortable with the person. Sometimes when somebody will look absolutely stunning, people will not say so. So people’s reactions are not something to base decisions on.

They always advice to bring a trusted friend, but you have to develop your own taste, your own insight. Why would a friend know things you don’t? Trust yourself, shop alone.

5. Buy 80% what you need and 20% what you want.

For a long time, I just bought what caught my eye and made my heart sing. But you can end up with a closet full of stuff that doesn’t go together. So stock up on clothes that will bring it all together, blazers, white shirts, nude pumps, black cardigans, etc. And to make that fun, buy the best quality you can afford.

Then buy that something wonderful, it can be silly, extravagant, daring. It can be that items that you never dared to wear. You just filled your closet with sensible items. Go for it!

Have a great weekend!!!






casual summer/ studded

Posted on: June 26, 2014

cute summer outfits

My ultimate cute summer outfit, shorts and a tee, really needs my blinged out studded sandals. I love this outfit because I can bike in it, always an important factor in choosing what to wear in summer.

And with belts, hats, necklaces or my blinged out flats, I try to make a maybe too simple outfit presentable.

What is your ultimate casual summer outfit? Maxidresses, a summer dress…?

cute summer outfits with studded flats

Tee Max&Co, Jean shorts Current/Elliott, necklace Max&Co, sandals Giuseppe Zanotti, hat Pachacuti

cute summer outfits with studded flats


Some of the cutest sandals:

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