Friday dress: Maje midi

Posted on: July 25, 2014

maje dress

I am putting my money where my mouth is. Like I was saying yesterday, in summer you don’t need much to get dressed.

I never wear midi dresses, but this Maje dress (similar from next season Maje) was just so comfortable, I had to try it. Still I feel it really needs the hat, I added my favorite one ( worn here, here and here), just to give it a bit of cool. I have been lusting for the Valentino lace espadrilles since I saw them coming down the runway, but I am never going to spend a lot on espadrilles, so this Asos  pair satisfied the craving.

One, two, three, easy as that. Have a great weekend everyone.

maje dress

IMG_0759-001 IMG_0808-003

pretty dresses/rule of 3

Posted on: July 24, 2014

Two things I like to loose in summer: too many layers and over accessorizing. We need our security blankets, but it is warm, time to throw them off. Girls look amazing in summer. It is the time you can show off bronzed skin, great hair, a relaxed smile.

pretty dresses

1/2/3 and 1/2/3

In summer you just want to be the person that is up for everything, without baggage to drag you down. And let’s face it, two many items of clothing, or accessories one one person, is kind of a blogger/fashion editorial thing made to make you click and buy more items. I have been wearing a lot of dresses lately and apply the above rule to them. A dress+two =simplicity, elegance, freedom!

Do you simplify in summer?

pretty dresses

1/2/3 and 1/2/3

how to make the most of your day

Posted on: July 18, 2014

work from home tipsI always wanted the freedom of working at home. Strangely the freedom is also the most challenging part. I am quite disciplined, but still it took me a while, and too many Watch Free Tv mornings, to figure out, when and how much I should be working.

There’s this romantic vision of writers that they drink all night, and come home inspired to do their best work. I would if I could, evenings and nights are great for inspiration. But I like to be active, outside, I have dogs that wake me and a husband with a regular job, sleepless nights would drive me crazy pretty soon.

Sometimes you just need a little push. These articles rocked, they just get it.

1.How to work from home without becoming a total weirdo

2.How to make your morning brighter

I now work out in the morning right after waking up. Afterwards I enjoy my breakfast outside on the terrace. (Petite Kitchen has the best breakfast recipes.) And work five hours straight after that.

It really helps to have  a set time, when I get off ‘work’,  especially because summer always seem to go so fast. Winter is not my thing, at all, I try to soak up as much summer as I can. I always feel more confident, and energetic in summer, so this is the best time to try something new:

3.Eight things to do this summer

One of my favorite things to do, involves a hammock and a good book. There are some great recommendations here:

4.Summer reading list by women we trust

I am lucky, the climate here is great, summers are sunny and hot. There’s Vitamin D abundance, and with these tools you can calculate how much time outside you need to get your ideal exposure.

5.The best vitamin D sources at every price.

But enough about work, trying new things, taking care of you health and filling your mind. Now that it is friday, we all worked hard all week, it is time to just be silly to start the weekend of right. How about a game of flip cup with Miranda Kerr?

Have a great weekend!!


hat and BB

Posted on: July 16, 2014

how to wear a hat, Janessa Leone

hat Janessa Leone, shirt Claudie Pierlot, shorts Ragdoll LA, sandals last years Giuseppe Zanotti very affordable alternative, denim jacket the snap jacket Current/Elliot

I think my love of a black hat started with Brigitte Bardot. She wore so many different kinds of hats, but never looked better than in this black one. I only saw a picture of her were a hat with stripes once, but combining the two seems like a thing she must have done.

A hat gives a classic striped shirt an edge. And classic with an edge is always a good thing. I many aspects of live, now that I think of it.

And let’s be practical here, now that it is high summer, a hat gives the prefect sun protection. I go through tubes of Coola sunscreen at an alarming rate ( it is that good, no residue, nice smell and it works as a BB cream) add any wide brim hat, and my skin can remain smooth for a little bit longer.

How is your summer going so far?

how to wear a hat, Janessa Leone how to wear a hat, Janessa Leone how to wear a hat, Janessa Leone how to wear a hat, Janessa Leone

bandana beach

Posted on: July 11, 2014

how to wear a bandana

I grew up in Milan, and as most of you know, the city is smack in the middle of the Po valley. It is only around 150 km away from the coast. but as a kid it felt like I lived in the middle of a very vast desert. Every summer, when we took the car to travel south along the coast, I couldn’t wait for that first sight. For that intense blue of the Mediterranean. As a kid, it just took forever to get there. And I was never as happy as when we were at sea, me, my mom and dad and our motorboat.

Now I live a little farther away, but time sped up, at getting there, to the coast I already frequented as a kid, is a piece of cake.  I don’t know what I prefer, the long journeys I took as a kid, full of bored longing with the big surprise at the end. Or the speedy trips I take now. Maybe a combination of the two, speed and wonder, all tied together.

how to wear a bandana

A scarf it is just a very Italian thing to wear in summer. See here some other favorites of mine.

how to wear a bandana

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how to wear a bandana

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how to wear a bandana



I am wearing a vintage Piberty scarf, here some cool options:

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