How To Buy An Office Wardrobe On A Budget

If you just got a call from your employer and was asked to come to work starting Monday, and if you take a look at your wardrobe and it’s filled with jeans and t-shirts, well you have a problem. If you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on shopping, here are some easy tips for you to buy an office wardrobe on a budget.

1. Choose your colours well

Neutral colours such as black, gray, white, beige and navy blue are great to mix and match. These clothing items are very easy to be unnoticed so if you’ve been wearing the same two pairs of pants to office everyday, noone would hardly know. Always keep in mind that five tops with two types of neutral bottoms can give you ten combinations while two outfits that do not match with anything else will give you only two combinations. Buy your jackets and shoes too in neutral colours so that your can wear them with anything. However, your tops could be in any colour that you like. Plain tops would be better since they not only look sophisticated, but also are easy to mix. If you’d like to and have some extra cash, buy something different such as jumpsuits.

2. Make use of what you have

Dig into your pile of clothes in your wardrobe. You might be lucky enough to find an old blazer or coat that could come in handy for office wear. Ask your parents, friends, relatives and neighbours if they have any clothes that they do not wear. You could save up a fortune if you could find the right stuff.

3. Make a list before you go shopping

This is very important since you could easily get carried away while shopping. You need to know what you are here for so that you don’t buy maxi dresses when you see them. You don’t have the cash for it and also you don’t have time to waste. So list down all the possible low price stores that you could find office wear clothes. Thrift shops, consignment stores, discount retailers etc. are the best places to get your stuff. Go to thrift shops in nicer areas since rich people are most likely to throw away clothes after they have worn it once or twice. Even online stores can be useful since they are mostly low cost. However, make sure they are in good shape. You don’t want to end up spending more on repairs. Look here for more information about the wide variety of dresses in Melbourne.

With these easy tips you can buy an office wardrobe under budget in no time. Know when you are done shopping without getting carried away. Use your clothes well until later on, when you can add a few more pieces when you’ve got extra cash.