Common Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing A Tie For Men

Neckwear is probably one of the most necessary items in any wardrobe when it comes to men’s fashion. While most men do wear ties on a regular basis, there are some common mistakes that re made when it comes to neckwear – especially for formal or special events and job interviews too. These common mistakes can be easily avoided by putting in just a bit of effort into your attire. While neckwear might be a simple thing that everyone wears, it can definitely make an outfit look better or worse.

Selecting Mismatched Colours And Patterns
Loud, clashing pattern or colours can not only be an eyesore, but can look quite unprofessional in the corporate world – unless it’s a fun, casual environment. While you can still wear colourful items, selecting bold or stylish options with rich colours would look much better. However, bright colours or bold patterns can be paired with classic dark greys or neutrals as well – you can’t go wrong with a black suit and simpler patterns either. Select shades that complement each other when it comes to the shirt and suit you are wearing.

Not Considering The Occasion Or Environment
While you need not wear designer mens silk ties for every occasion, avoid wearing the wrong kinds that don’t suit the occasion or environment. There is no doubt that formal events requires more stylish or classic options, whereas you can stick casual or simpler options for casual or regular office environments. Select tasteful prints or plain colours even if you select bold colours to wear – that goes well with the colours and style of the rest of your attire. You can view more here

A Badly Tied Knot
A knot that is not well-tied will mess with the length and can create a messy appearance too – even when it comes to bow ties online for formal events. The knot needs to be well secured without being too loose, while maintaining a level of comfort. The knot should be wide enough to fill the gap between the collar and the narrow end of the tie should not be seen either.

A Tie That Is Too Short
One of the most common issues is not checking the width and length. A tie that is too short is not a good look and can actually spoil an otherwise great look that you have pulled together. Tying the knot correctly and checking the length during the process can help you make sure that the length is correctly measured. Additionally, a tie should be the right width and not too skinny for your frame or suit.

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