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Posted on: May 27, 2014

how to be happier and more creative

Under my desk I have a big map, filled with articles on creativity, productivity, happiness goals, and problems that I liked to have solved. Whenever I get stuck, I take it out and start reading at random. It always helps to jump start me, motivates me to start my day right and find some fullfillment. So this time, I wanted to give you the advice that helped me today.

Reward: ‘ Working for an extrinsic motivation such as money or praise can squelch creative thinking fast. If reward is involved, people tend to limit themselves and search for one right answer instead of coming up with many possible solutions. ‘

Fear: ‘The Difference between Picasso and the rest of us isn’t merely talent; it’s the ability to push through the missteps, to keep going in spite of adversity, to stifle the paralytic fear of failure. ‘

Curiosity: ‘ Creative people are very curious, when faced with something strange or unusual, are likely to be fascinated than afraid.’

Setting goals: ‘When people are talking about a meaningful life, they are often referring to having a sense of purpose or specific goals. But setting goals isn’t enough: The goals you set for yourself need to be intrinsically meaningful to you, reflecting what you would like to accomplish rather what anyone else expects of you.’

The right goals: ‘ Far from being restrictive the right goals can free you to enjoy the here and now. After all, if you don’t know where you are headed every fork in the reoad becomes an opportunity for ambivalance; instead of enjoying the landscape, you’ll be consumed by uncertainty. With a destination in mind you can make the most on where you are are today. ‘

Want-to’s: ‘ Your goals should be want-tos rather than have-tos. The ratios want-tos and have0to’s in your life is what determines whether you relish getting up in the morning or feel exhausted by the thought of the day ahead.’

And Here some more of my own advice.

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